profitlens 2015 is a complete bank profitability solution bringing organizational, product, and customer profitability data to every desktop.

Responsively deployable

profitlens is built for deployability. With common web-standards at the core of our UI, the only thing your users need to access your profitability data is a basic web-browser. It couldn't be easier to push profitability to your desktop, laptop, or tablet!

Powerfully intuitive

profitlens resulted from decades of banking consulting experience. It provides powerful insight across all areas of your bank, so it meets the needs of the many, from front line decision makers to finance directors and product managers. Our solution is a bank-specific intelligence tool backed by a profitability engine that informs day-to-day and strategic decisions at all levels of your institution.

Securely Cloud-based

Hosted with Amazon at data centers across the US, our resources scale when your needs do and we're always operational. We're industry-class secure and SOC-2 compliant.

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